Learn about Pike Electric’s areas of expertise.


Pike Electric provides scaled turnkey construction and maintenance services for distribution systems, including overhead and underground services and disaster recovery.

We build, maintain and upgrade both overhead and underground distribution power lines where people live, work and play — from major metropolitan centers to the suburbs to the countryside. We have the best safety record in the industry and the finest professional reputation among the residents in the communities where we work. Along with our extensive capacity to upgrade and maintain existing distribution systems, we help our clients implement and bring distributed energy resources online through our work with Pike Renewables.

Our distribution services include:

  • Installation of new overhead and underground lines.
  • Pole replacements.
  • Reconductoring and rehabilitating existing lines.
  • Voltage conversions.
  • Line relocations.
  • Make-ready work for telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Overhead-to-underground line conversions.
  • Underground cable replacement.
  • Joint trench work.


As population trends change and energy generation options evolve, we are helping utilities meet their customers’ energy needs with a complete suite of transmission engineering, construction and system planning services.

Pike’s transmission group works on projects ranging from maintenance work on a single structure to multiyear, 100+-mile EPC projects. We excel on 69 kV to 345 kV projects, and provide services ranging from barehand work to project management (and everything in between) in multiple states.

Our Construction & Maintenance solutions include:

  • Installation of new overhead transmission lines up to 345 kV.
  • Reconductoring and rebuilds up to 345 kV.
  • Structure replacements, including steel and concrete poles and lattice towers.
  • Energized construction and maintenance, including hot-stick and barehand techniques.
  • Wire-stringing, including bundle conductor.
  • Foundation and vibratory caisson installation.
  • Trench work.

Our System Planning services include:

  • Generation interconnection.
  • NERC reliability studies.
  • Infrastructure/reliability expansion planning.
  • Reactive compensation studies.
  • Dynamic line ratings—ThermalRate System.
  • Power quality harmonic and power factor studies.
  • Short circuit calculations.
  • Phase loading and volt drop calculations.
  • Relay settings/coordination.

We also partner with the Pike Engineering Division to provide additional services such as:

  • Overhead and underground transmission system design and engineering.
  • Transmission line routing studies and recommendations.
  • Line inspection services and condition assessment.
  • Design and analysis of structures and foundation.
  • Construction bid preparation.
  • Material bid and requisition.
  • Easements.
  • Staking.
  • Permitting services.
  • Environmental reviews.
  • Compliance with utility specifications, NESC guidelines and regulatory requirements.
  • Pole attachment agreements.


Our technical and implementation expertise offers utilities a distinct advantage.

Substations are critical links in our country’s power delivery systems. Reliability is a must and Pike’s engineering and construction teams engineer and construct traditional substations, renewable substation collector systems and help customers upgrade and retrofit existing facilities.

Pike provides industry-leading engineering, construction, relay metering and controls and equipment testing and start-up procedures for voltages up to 500 kV, as well as transformer maintenance and hauling.

  • Construction of new substations and switchyards, including:
    – Site prep and civil work.
    – Foundation installation.
    – Steel erection.
    – Grounding grid and sub-surface work.
    – Installation of transformers, control houses and other equipment.
  • Expansions and upgrades of existing stations.
  • Breaker maintenance and replacement.
  • Transformer oil processing.
  • Relay and controls.
  • Testing, maintenance and commissioning.

Substation testing, maintenance and commissioning.

Distributed Energy Resources

Electric utilities are rapidly expanding their renewable generation and storage capacities. Integrating power generated by wind, solar, biomass or other renewable sources into the grid or storing it can be challenging. Our long experience in distribution and transmission systems and substation construction, as well as technological savvy, gives us the expertise construction and integration services for distributed energy resources. In addition, we offer additional services for design and integration of distributed generation sources in partnership with Pike Engineering and Pike Renewables.

By partnering with our Engineering and Renewables divisions, we offer a full set of turnkey distributed energy resource services across the U.S., where our track record is a 100% on time and on budget job performance.

We have successfully partnered with our customers on a variety of projects including:

  • Installation and construction of solar collector systems.
  • Installation of substation and transmission interconnects.

Projects completed in partnership with Pike Renewables include:

  • Solar facilities.
  • Battery storage facilities.
  • EV charging stations.

See our project profiles for additional details.



Storm Response

Pike Electric is proud of our unmatched expertise and 75-year commitment to emergency power restoration. Our crews stand ready for rapid mobilization and deployment to assist in restoring power and communications systems quickly and safely when severe weather or natural disaster impacts essential services.


We have deployed 35,000+ lineworkers in the past ten years

Restoring power after major storms is both challenging and complex. Pike’s ability to rapidly mobilize at scale and deploy the emergency response equipment and workers required to restore power under challenging circumstances is unparalleled. Our team has extensive experience responding to hurricanes, floods, ice storms, blizzards, wildfires and other natural disasters to restore power when and where it is needed. Our engineering and technology teams also assist with damage assessment and resource planning. This helps our utility customers and crews prioritize work, speeding recovery and restoration efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

Our experience in storm restoration of transmission and distribution infrastructure includes:

  • Line rebuilds & relocations.
  • Energized pole replacements.
  • Transmission 69 kV to 345 kV.
  • Substation restoration.
  • Transformer replacement.

Storm response capabilities include:

  • 24/7 dispatch.
  • Proprietary logistics technology.
  • Advanced field communication tools.
  • Mobile command center.
  • Extensive fleet of ground assets.
  • Extensive coordination with Pike Engineering Damage Assessors.


Pike Electric provides a variety of other construction services, including testing and commissioning, system hardening and joint trench installation.