Do you have a challenge to solve? Read about our projects to see how we can help you


Do you have a challenge to solve? Read about our projects to see how we can help you


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From installing brand new lines to upgrading existing systems, Pike Electric has years of experience providing construction and maintenance services for transmission systems.

138 kV Rebuild

Commencing in February 2020, we began a complete line rebuild in a Texas metroplex. The project objective was to upgrade substations to a 138 kV double-circuit transmission line using a 2569 A conductor. Additionally, the terminal equipment was upgraded to a minimum rating of 3200 A.

To accommodate this ampacity, the existing conductor was replaced with a new 1926.9 kcmil ACSS/TW/HS “Cumberland” conductor. A portion of line from the primary substation to the secondary substation had a 1926.9 kcmil ACSS/TW/HS conductor with E3X coating installed.

Due to the location of existing structures, Pike installed new structures on existing foundations. The work required the demolition of the existing poles, the demolition of concrete caps to expose anchor bolts, cleaning them and then installing the new structure. This was all completed on the feeder road of a tollway. Traffic control was set up and removed daily to accommodate tollway guidelines.

345 kV Switch and 11-Mile Circuit

This switch station, located in a muddy floodplain, offered unique challenges for installing a new 345 kV circuit over an 11-mile course from the switch.

The installation included 18 new Texas V double-circuit lattice steel structures. This line utilized double-circuit 345 kV steel tower structures and bundled two 959.6 kcmil conductors. ACSS/TW/HS “Suwannee” was designed to operate at a maximum temperature of 180 degrees C and 3298 amps. The line was installed with 0.546 in OD 48-count OPGW and 7/16-inch diameter with an EHS steel shield wire.

Given the site’s terrain, this was a unique project with multiple access constraints, including several rivers, major highways and road crossings. To overcome the access constraints, Pike even utilized a helicopter to hoist a truck over a river to install a tower on a stub angle foundation.

138 kV Line Rebuild

Pike recently finished an 11.5-mile, 138 kV line rebuild. The construction was on sandy terrain, which can bring challenges to any construction project. The terrain also had restricted access points, forcing the team to maneuver along a 50-foot-wide right-of-way in an energized corridor.

The project also included the installation of 129 new double-circuit steel pole structures along with three twin-bundle conductor phases. The new line was constructed while the existing 138 kV circuit was energized. To accomplish this, new steel poles were set between the center and leftmost phases of the existing circuit. This strategy required additional effort to modify the existing H-frames to obtain the clearance needed to set new double-circuit steel monopole structures.

The scope of work included:
  • Dismantling of 15.8 miles of existing 138 kV single circuit with two shield wires.
  • Removal of the conductor/shield wire.
  • Removal of the wood H-frame structure.
  • Removal of 2x 3-pole wood angle structures.
  • Removal of 2x 5-pole wood dead-end structures.

Pike transmission system workers