Do you have a challenge to solve? Read about our projects to see how we can help you


Do you have a challenge to solve? Read about our projects to see how we can help you


Read our case studies to see our solutions at work.


Pike Electric builds and upgrades substations using the latest cutting-edge equipment and construction techniques. Our work is laying the foundation for utility digitization.


Enabling Remote Monitoring

A multi-state investor-owned utility turned to Pike to upgrade its substations and protective relays — a major undertaking that Pike completed in two short years. We replaced existing electro-mechanical relays with microprocessor-controlled units, upgraded all distribution substations to be SCADA-capable and installed technologies that enabled remote monitoring and control from a central distribution control center. Through this project, the utility transformed the way it operated and made major strides on its path towards digitization.


Powering a Tech Innovation Hub

This urban center is a magnet for data centers and other businesses that require large amounts of electricity. To address this growing city’s need for electricity, we partnered with the local public authority to construct an important new substation — one of the dozens of urban substations we have built for the client. We brought together a multidisciplinary team to preplan the project and identify challenges and lessons learned from previous substations building projects for the client. This rigorous front-end planning successfully drove the project through installation, testing and commissioning of the new substation.

In all, our team handled all aspects of this substation construction for the client, including:
  • Civil preparation work.
  • Control house.
  • Mobilization.
  • Pre-construction.
  • Project management & staffing.
  • Project schedule.
  • Safety.
  • Substation construction.
  • Installation of transformers, conduit, pads, control house, fencing and more.


Substation Security Upgrades

Substation security includes many challenges, from copper theft, vandalism, industrial sabotage, terrorism and public safety concerns to meeting rigorous North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection physical security standards (NERC CIP 014). Our industry-leading expertise in utility security is why we’ve consistently been a preferred partner for substation security.

Since 2015, we have teamed with a regional utility to provide security upgrades on 10 substations.

On two recent projects, our team built the infrastructure that enabled perimeter security improvements at the sites. Our work included installing Ameristar security fencing, setting camera poles and conducting the underground construction work needed to support infrared sensors. The underground work included installation of all electrical infrastructure, including fiber optic and power cables, to support cutting-edge perimeter security technology.

Project highlights include:
  • Camera pole and infrared beam installation.
  • Construction of underground conduits and other structures.
  • Fiber and power cable installation.

perimeter security improvements at electric distribution sites